Where To Begin

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Well its been a month since Alicia Pereira (Celebrity Ambassador Program Manage for World Vision) and I came up with the crazy idea to run the June 1st, Scotiabank Marathon in Calgary!

And I have spent the month researching marathon training programs, looking at GPS watches, studying up on different style of runners and slogging thru pages of nutritional guides.
I have discovered Goodlife and their amazing Iphone app (love apps) with all their group exercise schedules. I have traded emails with Dr Peter Nieman begging for help. I have inundated friends of mine that run for any “special tips’ they can give me and have even read Dean Karnazes – 50 Marathons in 50 days! (that might not have been my best move).

I am a planner…..but seems I have scared the hell out of myself before I have even begun to train! But I do feel I have a plan now…albeit maybe not concrete…something I can fit into my crazy travel and speaking schedule staring in 2014.

So the plan…..
Well I must admit, I haven’t run yet – honestly, I can barely dig my truck out of the garage…and its also -25, so running outdoors isn’t on the top of my list. But in my defense, I have trained 6 days a week for pretty much the last 6-7 years…so I think even though I haven’t run in over 10 years…it will be like…well, riding a bike!

There was lots of comments for and against weight training during your 20 week marathon training program – but everyone pretty much said do your weights on your short run days. So my plan is to run on those days to Goodlife Fitness center near me, do a Les Mills Pumped class and then walk home. I also want to continue with my yoga and am excited at how many Yoga classes are also available at Goodlife Fitness!

I leave for sunny San Diego Dec 16th and the first item on my list is to take a slow (short) run by the ocean I will do that 4 or 5 times during the holidays. I ordered one of those fancy GPS watches and I will be ready to start my 20 week training program Jan 26, 2014!

Enjoy the holidays!
Yours in health,