Rinkside With Cheryl Bernard

If you loved watching the Olympics in Vancouver, or if you enjoy watching curling, I am sure you are a fan of 2010 silver medalist, the skip of our Canadian Women’s curling team, Cheryl Bernard. I caught up with Cheryl for a quick chat.

J: We all know you as the 2010 Winter Olympic Silver Medalist. What is it like to represent your country in the Olympic Games?

C: That’s such a hard question to answer. It was beyond what we or anyone could have imagined. It was a lifetime of dreams come true for our entire team. I remember, well I am sure we will all remember, standing on the podium that day to receive our medals and I don’t think any of us just saw a shiny piece of medal. We saw our vision and what it took to achieve it. We saw our husbands, children and coach and the hours of support they provided behind the scenes. We saw our parents and our friends and their understanding when we couldn’t give them all the time they deserved. We saw early morning practices and late nights pushing ourselves and each other to that next higher level. We saw thousands of emails of support from people across Canada we had never even met. But mostly we saw each other and a dream realized.