How Much Do You Treasure Your Health?


At times, life gets so busy that we place a low priority on looking after ourselves. We’re too busy running around taking care of work, family, friends…and a whole bevy of other commitments.
Over the years though, I’ve come to learn that taking care of my health is the best investment I could ever make. Author Joyce Meyer writes, “I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.” I agree wholeheartedly. We want to be our best selves for those around us, so we can contribute the best we have to offer.

My curling career was a very physical one, so taking care of my health was always crucial to ensuring I could continue doing what I love. And now that my professional curling days are over, I find it more important than ever to seek every opportunity to stay healthy and fit. Now that I’m not training six days a week for curling, I have more time to seek out other physical challenges…to follow other passions. Without good health and fitness, there is no way I would be able to continue doing this.

In June last year, I competed in the Scotiabank Marathon in Calgary, raising funds and awareness for World Vision. Due to not wanting to risk a knee injury while curling, I hadn’t run for about 15 years. At the age of 47, it was the first marathon I had ever run in my life! The preparation was a new challenge for me, but after a 20 week training program, I’m proud to say that I ran that marathon without injury…something I credit to taking the necessary supplements to ensure strong, healthy joints.

This year, my new physical challenge is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in June. This adventure of climbing the highest free-standing mountain in the world is part of a World Vision campaign to help end child slavery. Again, I’m taking every opportunity to look after myself, to ensure that not only can I handle this climb, but that I enjoy the experience, at the same time as raising awareness for an important cause.

At 48, I’m still training hard and I’m excited to continue finding new challenges. Sierra Sil is part of the equation that gives me the edge and allows me to continue pushing myself and doing the things I love. There is a famous quote which asks, “If you don’t look after your body…where will you live?” We only get one life and one body. So, let’s do everything in our power to look after what we’ve got. The reward will be priceless.