One of my favourite things about being the Ambassador for Goodwill Industries of Alberta is all the magical finds at their retail stores. Recently I was captivated by Nicole Kennedy’s vintage candles…and upon further discussion with Nicole, found out that she re-purposes tea cups into beautiful candles…and most of these treasures are found at her local Goodwill store!

With every cup she purchases, she provides funds to help Albertan’s with disabilities…and provides a beautiful tea cup candle to be purchased for someone’s home! A win / win for all ! So I asked Nicole to do a “guest blog” now and then, describing her finds and showcasing her beautiful Vintage Candles!

Nicole Kennedy for Aubrey & Brechan Pretty Little Vintage Candles

I’ve always been a fan of all things pretty, vintage, and unique. I refer to my many fab finds as my treasures. Some big, some small, some cheap (some not), but all of them special. I like to think about their history, what home they lived in, what conversations were had holding them, and the joy when they were originally purchased.

One of my many treasures are teacups. They bring back memories of being a child sitting around my grandmother’s kitchen table. The comfort of that nook in my mind oozes in warmth.
I have many teacups, most are not passed on generation to generation, but rather found sitting lonely on a thrift store shelf. No partners in patterns, or fancy store lighting – just a lonely little dusty teacup and saucer. I give this new friend a thorough one over and run my finger along the delicate edge. No damage? You’re mine baby, let me introduce you to the other orphans I have at home…

I have the greatest little hobby – I take these wonderful little teacups and give them a new purpose. I make paraffin wax candles and add beautiful embellishments like vintage buttons and keys. These wonderful candles have no added scents or dyes so that they can once again return to original form when the candle is all gone. Check us out on Facebook – “Aubrey & Brechan Pretty Little Vintage Candles”.

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