I never thought I would curl in Phoenix, but thanks to our friend, Kevin Kerwin, Terry and I headed down to Phoenix a couple weeks ago to conduct a curling clinic at the Ice Den in Scottsdale Arizona (practice facility of the Phoenix Coyotes).

Kevin arranged a Learn to Curl clinic with the help of Darryl Horsman, President of the Coyotes Curling Club. The participants ranged in age and experience (most were novice) and were comprised of US and Canadian residents!

Terry and I had a little bit of a chuckle as the Zamboni prepared the ice surface! The rings(quite faded) were permanently etched into the hockey ice, and after the Zamboni did its thing, they placed the hacks into the ice by warming the metal pegs with body heat and then pushing them into the ice surface and standing on them for 45 seconds…and voila…we had hacks! They then pebbled AND nipped the ice and the preparation was complete.