dsc_2677-300x225Welcome to the first (of many) blogs I will be doing exclusively for the website for the next year. Why a blog? Seems that after you win a silver medal, people are interested. They want to get “between the sheets” and find out the details – what we do and why we do it! So enjoy!
The three questions I have answered numerous times since the Olympics ended are: What were the Olympics like? How has your life changed? And what’s up for Team Bernard next season?

What were the Olympics like? This is a tough question for my first blog, as I am now trying to describe the indescribable. Surreal is the very first word that comes to mind – exciting, unbelievable, life changing, amazing! I remember talking to Gerry Peckham after our first game and I will never forget his words. “We never have, and we never will see anything like this again in the history of curling.” And I think Gerry has been to every winter Olympics since curling became an official sport.